Mission & Vision

To be the global leader in comprehensive evidence-based eye care provided by specialized professionals with the support of state of the art medical information technology

We will achieve this by proactive delivery of quality eye care in the context of humane service, sound research and dynamic medical education.


How It All Started

The idea of APECS came about over a cup of coffee among friends who shared the same passion for eye care.  It is with this passion, a strong clinical foundation, and the support of an APECS-developed electronic medical records and clinic management system, that APECS became a reality in partnership with the NKTI. Since it started operations, APECS continues to deliver specialized, evidence-based quality eye care. Our doctors are also actively involved in education and research to advance ophthalmic  science and service, and have fostered strategic links with leading eye institutions here and around the world.

APECS, with its team of doctors, provides a full range of eye services from comprehensive to subspecialized care to address the entire spectrum of eye conditions.  APECS supports NKTI’s thrust to provide holistic medical care by addressing the ophthalmic needs of its patients, majority of whom have systemic conditions with sight-threatening ocular co-morbidities that affect quality of life.

APECS believes that patient education is essential to ensure the understanding of disease. At the core of the APECS philosophy is the belief that our patients are our equal and empowered partners in our quest to promote health.  With the participation and support of other members of the health service team, we renew our commitment to provide quality eye care to all.